Monday, June 21, 2010

Jcow License type changes

White Label License is not availble for purchasing from now. We offer Commercial License instead.

For existing White Label Licensees (purchased before 06/21/2010):
You can download all Jcow paid applications for free in the future!


  1. I paid for software from them and never got it and they do not respond back when you try to contact them

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  3. Jcow is a great package, my friend and I recently start to make social network on basis of World of Warcraft users. Think it will be very successful, we have couple of great ideas that weren’t used before. But for that purpose we will need to modulate Jcow a little, hope we will be able to. Anyway programing is one of best freelance jobs that you can find in the web, but only if you good at it.

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