Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jcow 6.0 changelogs

Comment will be displayed as a status.
Users can tag people in status or comments.
Users can find who tagged them.
Users can find news liked by their friends and following.
Remove ipv4 blocking
Remove private settings from story(blogs,images,..)
Add module "Images" instead of "Photos". It is easier to upload images from the share box.
Add "link redirect" to footer pages.
Change user profile private settings: Everyone can view profile, but only friends can post on the wall or see the private info(real name, birthday, gender).
Change the "quick share" button namefrom "blogs" to "text", from "share" to "post".
Community displays username instead of real name.
Upgrade post queue system.
Add member queue system.
Upgrade the limit-posting system.(from daily to hourly)


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